The Southwest Social Networks Project


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Selected Recent Presentations:

Mills, Barbara J.
2015 The Southwest Social Networks Project: Perspectives and Prospects.  Presented at the NEXUS 1492 Project Meeting, Musee de Quai Bramley, Paris, October.

Peeples, Matthew A.
2015 Networking Your Way to Success in the Ancient Southwest. September 26th, Museums Day Live! Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve, Phoenix, AZ.

Mills, Barbara J.
2014 The Social Contexts of Innovation in the Prehispanic US Southwest: A Network Approach. Presented at the conference, “Contextualising Technical Innovations in Prehistory,” TOPOI Excellence Cluster, Frei University and Max Plank Institute, Berlin, November 24-26.

Mills, Barbara J.
2014 Re-connecting the Past: Network Approaches to Regional Interaction in the Archaeology of the Late Prehispanic Southwest. Colloquium presented at School for Advanced Research, Santa Fe, 16 July.

Mills, Barbara J. and Matthew A. Peeples
2014 Reframing Diffusion through Social Network Theory. Paper presented at the 14th biennial Southwest Symposium. Las Vegas, NV.

Ownby, Mary F., Matthew A. Peeples, Jeffrey Ferguson, and Deborah Huntley
2014 Chemistry and Connections: Utilizing Neutron Activation Analysis and Social Network Analysis to Track Large-scale Patterns of Ceramic Consumption and Distribution. Paper presented at the 14th biennial Southwest Symposium. Las Vegas, NV.

Peeples, Matthew A., Jeffery J. Clark, William H. Doelle, Andy Laurenzi, and Barbara J. Mills
2014 The Role of Synthesis in Research and Preservation: The NHPA and Beyond. Paper presented at the Fall. Conference of the Arizona Archaeological Council, Mesa, AZ.

Roberts, John M. Jr., Ronald Breiger, Matthew Peeples, and Barbara Mills
2014 Sampling Variability in Archaeological Networks Measures. Invited paper for session on “Archaeological Networks,” International Sunbelt Social Networks Conference, Tampa, FL.

Mills, Barbara J., Matthew A. Peeples, Jeffery J. Clark, and John M. Roberts, Jr.
2013 How Migrants in Diaspora Overcame Inequality in the Late Prehispanic Southwest: A Social Network Approach. Paper presented at the 112th annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Chicago, IL.

Mills, Barbara J.
2013 Comparing Terrestrial and Maritime Networks: The View from the Desert. Invited presentation for Mediterranean Maritime Networks Conference, organized by Carl Knappett, University of Toronto.